税 & 个人财富规划策略 & 家庭


Personal financial specialists and CPAs managing your wealth and planning for the future.

从历史上看,财富在很大程度上是代代相传的. 然而, today we see wealth created in many ways and an increased need for professional assistance in the management of complex financial affairs for wealthy individuals, 企业高管和家庭.

The LBMC 财富顾问 team is comprised of experts in their fields with extensive experience in:

  • 会计及税务服务
  • 遗产及信托事宜
  • 高管薪酬计划
  • 慈善问题
  • 保险及退休计划


The United 状态s is facing a shifting legal and economic environment that will substantially impact estate planning and wealth transfer structures. High net worth individuals must pay close attention to new conditions and how they will impact their wealth planning strategies. Experts warn that now is the time to seek professional guidance to weather the storm and safeguard financial legacies.

考虑到即将到来的税法变化, 监管环境, 以及经济状况, it is vital for high net worth individuals to proactively review and adjust their wealth planning strategies. Collaborating with an estate planning professional will help individuals protect their wealth, 优化税收节约, 确保后代的平稳过渡.


减少遗产税免税额:自2026年1月1日起生效 遗产税豁免 is set to be effectively cut in half from about $13 million per person to about $7 million per person, 取决于通货膨胀. This reduction will make taxable some estates that would have previously avoided the tax and impose a greater tax on estates exceeding the revised threshold. 而2026年似乎还很遥远,  individuals must proactively evaluate now and potentially restructure their estate plans to mitigate the impact of the revised estate taxes.

授予人信托的新审查: Grantor trusts, a popular estate planning structure utilized to minimize estate taxes, are 面临越来越多的审查 来自华盛顿的政客们. Recently discussed legislative changes may limit or eliminate the benefits of these trusts. Estate plans relying on the grantor trust structure may need to be reassessed and alternative structures considered.

《明升app》减少隐私 公司透明度法案 is eliminating some vital elements of privacy associated with using LLCs and similar business structures. High net worth individuals using these structures for asset protection and confidentiality will need to adapt to new regulations, 潜在的高管理成本和较低的隐私保护.

加强国税局审查: The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced plans to bolster its workforce by adding over 80,在接下来的十年里,将会有一万位新探员. 这种扩张预示着…的潜力 加强对遗产规划的审查 由税吏. 个人s with tax-mitigating structures must ensure their plans are compliant and effectively managed, 他们还可能面临更高的行政成本.

严峻的经济环境: An 不确定的经济环境 以通货膨胀加剧为特征, 高利率, and the looming potential of a recession adds further complexity to wealth planning. Growth-oriented estate planning structures may become less attractive due to increased market volatility, 可能需要其他结构.

在这个日益复杂的环境中航行, high net worth individuals are strongly encouraged to seek guidance from experienced estate planning professionals. These experts possess the knowledge and expertise necessary to navigate the intricate web of legislative changes, 税收方面的考虑, 以及未来经济的不确定性.

To learn more about navigating the challenges of wealth planning in the evolving landscape, contact 大卫·弗雷德里克.D., LL.M.他是LBMC高净值税收和规划高级经理 大卫.frederick@mediagate-egy.net.


我们在联邦方面的丰富经验和专业知识, state and local tax regulations has earned the trust of numerous leading companies, 以及富裕的家庭和个人. Our CPAs conquer complex tax needs every day – often in conjunction with wealth planning services to give you the most beneficial result. You can count on us to provide comprehensive tax representation with the utmost integrity, 为您的特殊税务需求提供保密和个人关注.

  • 联邦州和地方纳税申报表
  • 税收筹划
  • 税务咨询服务


当计划将财富转移给后代时, you need advisors who are adept at the intricacies of federal and state estate and gift tax laws.

Our advisors are experts at uncovering tax-advantaged avenues for clients who wish to pass on more rather than less. 我们倾听你的声音,权衡收入的作用, 赠与税和遗产税规划选择适合你的车辆. 明升体育app下载服务是全面和协调的, 涵盖遗嘱的相关主题, 还有各种各样的信托. You get the benefit of our in-depth experience and personal service for an estate plan that is arranged and executed to your wishes, 当然, 随之而来的是内心的平静.

  • 检讨遗产计划,包括遗嘱、信托、指定受益人等.
  • 评估和使用各种类型的信托
  • 遗嘱信托
  • 生活信托
  • 慈善信托基金
  • 资产保障信托
  • 家庭教育计划
  • 根据您的具体家庭需求提出建议
  • 基金会


舒适的退休生活都在计划之中. 这正是明升体育app下载金融专家每天所做的.

Our income and retirement plan specialists listen carefully to your needs to determine options that will prove beneficial for you. 我们会帮你确定退休所需的资金数额, 除投资收益外可能的收入来源, 社会保障的可能性, 年金, 以及如何为不可预见的情况做计划.

Our unique integrated approach brings a coordinated effort among departments that are not available through traditional firms or sole solution providers. You can have confidence that our experience and personal service deliver results focus on your goals and your future.

LBMC 财富顾问 also offer coordinated tax and investment advice with our partners at LBMC投资顾问有限责任公司, 以及家庭财富规划, 家族办公室服务, 慈善计划, 投资组合实现, 和估值.



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